Derek Medhurst

Some Leigh stories

Joseph Leigh

My ancestors include a Leigh line in Ide Hill. Joseph Leigh had a beerhouse, which became known as The Wheatsheaf, probably around the late 1850s. (This pub was rebuilt in the 1930s, then in the 1980s renamed The Churchill and demolished later that decade. Its place is now taken by a private house.)

My second cousin Michael Leigh has found a tale of a murder in which Joseph Leigh appears to have been a witness - or at least the name appears in some of the press reports. He was shown an article in a 1985 edition of the Kentish Times, which led him to find more in 1866 issues of The Times. Read about the murder.

William Robert Leigh

Another member of the Leigh 'clan', William, born 1892, joined the Royal Navy and served in the First World War. AFter the war he was one of a party sent on duty to Yorkshire during a miners strike. There he was killed in an unfortunate accident. Read some details from his obituary in the Sevenoaks Chronicle.