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an old Rollei twin lens reflex camera

The original idea for the site was to show a few photographs that I've taken over the years. But as I planned it I thought of some more ideas, and have added some early pictures by local photographers (my home is in Sevenoaks, Kent, in England), and some basic information about my family history interests. I also included a few quotations and comments that I've found interesting over the years - the Commonplace section.

If you're interested, do browse. I hope you find something that interests you.

On the work front, I'm one of two people running a small organisational excellence advice company called D&D Excellence Limited. We specialise in supporting people using the EFQM Excellence Model. If you've arrived here after looking for the business site, do use this link to D&D Excellence (opens in a new browser window).

If you somehow arrived here after looking for information about Sevenoaks Camera Club, where I've been a member for many years, then you can use this link to Sevenoaks Camera Club (opens in a new browser window).

Although I'm not a professional web developer, I also look after the websites for D&D Excellence and Sevenoaks Camera Club. As I learn more, this personal site might also be used as something of a test site for new ideas if it seems helpful. If for some reason you check out all the sites, you will immediately spot that they have a similarity of layout, and would not win any prizes for being exciting all-singing, all-dancing sites. This is partly because I'm still very much a learner at building sites - and am using a design that seems to work for now. But it's also because each of them has been put together mainly to make them easy for the viewer to get around. Because my expertise is limited, I haven't been tempted to build the sites just to show what I can do. It's also called customer focus!